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The NabuPro platform now has a new look for supervisors. The following guide explains in detail the interface changes in NabuPro version 2.0.

New dashboard presentation

The first change you will notice is the new look of the Dashboard. The important sections of the app remain in the same place.

You can now click directly on the icons summarizing each main section of your application to navigate there quickly. You can also choose to display the side navigation menu permanently by clicking the button at the bottom of the menu.

New presentation of the main sections

You will notice that the main sections of the app also display a new layout. Once again, the location of the functions you are familiar with have not been modified by this change.

We have also adopted new symbols to better represent the different statuses that can affect users, items to complete and attempts. For more details, please see the updated supervisor guide, available through the following link:

New options button

You will find a new button to access the options of the application pages. This is located in the same place as before, in the upper right corner of the pages.

Page options
New options button

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