About the program

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NaBu Pro allows you to upload your already established training documents and post them on the web via our cloud-based apps. Trainees can follow any training, anywhere, anytime they want to.

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Our system makes sure trainees are aware of their respective deadlines and lets you focus on other important tasks. You receive important notifications only and the system takes care of notifying the staff what to do and when to do it.

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Our NaBu Pro communication module allows you to send and track importation communication memos rapidly. New users can have access to previous memos and get up to speed with internal communications.

Nabu Pro's Features

Training programs

With NaBu Pro, you are in control of your staff’s training and communication needs.

  • Upload your own content
  • Colour-coded user classification
  • Timed training
  • Video and images of all formats and sizes
  • Random questions during exams from one user to another
  • See results, produce reports and training certificates per user
  • Track recurrent training
  • Rapidly audit your training and examinations content
  • See who is exempted from a specific training
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Our module allows you to send and track important communication memos rapidly

  • Send memos rapidly to all or to a specific group
  • Let the system tell you when the memos have been read by all
  • Add an effective date to allow employees time to read the memos and track who hasn’t
  • Upload important documents and attach them to your memo
  • Archive older memos and make them available for future reference
  • Modify/edit active memos and decide who needs to read again
  • Keep your current memo numbering format
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We're here to help

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Easy access, password retrieval, intuitive interface, important information readily accessible, easy set-up and user management.

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Time-saver; reduces the amount of time spent tracking and monitoring staff, controlling your training requirements, receiving notificationos of what you need when you need it and decreasing the number of emails needed to track training.

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Personalize your staff’s training, content, and requirements.


Training + memos

(all inclusive)

8$ monthly*

* per user

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