The difference is our team.

Let Nabu Pro technology help you lead your in-house training into the new era of online / cloud databases that offer complete control and total security

The Inspiration

It all began following a Transport Canada audit that identified a lack of compliance.  Reinaldo Caceres began looking for a tool that would allow him to centralize information and automate compliance processes.

After an analysis of the existing options, he found that there was no solution that adequately adapted to Canadian requirements. He then decides to create a solution that brings together all the necessary functionalities to solve the problem. 

Looking for an expert in the field, he met Arnaud Songa-Coté, then a master’s student in software engineering and developer of web and mobile applications.  From the outset, a deep trust was established between the two men.  

Quickly passionate about the project, the team imagined a software where control, simplicity and user-friendliness are key.  They thus work on the development of a tool in conformity with the skills and equipment where the peace of mind of the users is at the heart of the project.  After two years of analysis, work and dreams, Nabu Pro is born.

Nabû is the god that controls the knowledge and writings of his civilisation.  This is why he has been the inspiration for the duo since the very beginning.  The team has thus recreated this space of gathering knowledge, know-how and skills where control reigns ensuring confidence and peace of mind.


Our Team

team member Reinaldo Caceres

Reinaldo Caceres


Reinaldo is our conductor. He has spent more than 15 years in regulatory compliance in the highly regulated field of aviation. Since 2017, he has been acting as a compliance management consultant for various companies looking for permanent solutions to their internal and external standards management challenges. A graduate in business administration, he also has an aeronautical background from the Centre Québécois De Formation Aéronautique (CQFA).

team member Arnaud Songa-Côté

Arnaud Songa-Côté


Arnauld is our technological engineer. He’s the dream-maker. Since 2014, Arnauld has put his talent to the service of applications and software development. He completed his studies in software engineering with honors for his ability to push the limits. He was awarded the Software Engineering Medal from Concordia University.

team member Samuel Gagnon

Samuel Gagnon

Business Analyst

Samuel is our business analyst & digital marketing manager. He is the essential link between our customers and our developers. As a graduate in administration with a specialization in marketing, he has an excellent understanding of competitive markets. His professional experience as a sales representative at Simport Scientifique, as well as marketing manager at 6Telecom allow him to fully understand the needs and realities of B2B companies. With many years of customer service experience as well, he is always ready to help you!