Supporting airlines since the start.

Nabu Pro was initially built as a solution for the aviation industry.
Our president was previously a director of flight operations / operations manager, frustrated by the lack of support available at the time.


It all began following a Transport Canada audit that identified a lack of compliance.  Reinaldo Caceres began looking for a tool that would allow him to centralize information and automate compliance processes.

After an analysis of the existing options, he found that there was no solution that adequately adapted to aviation requirements. He then decides to create a solution that brings together all the necessary functionalities to solve the problem: Nabu Pro.

Reinaldo Caceres
Reinaldo Caceres,
Nabu Pro President.

Manage Trainings

The Nabu Pro application allows supervisors to fully centralize the management of staff trainings, whether they are provided by a third party or taken internally. Our platform can track compliance for your employees across all requirements from a single dashboard.

In-House Learning

You likely already created courses and exams to test your employees’ knowledge about the company manual or standard procedures. No need to start over; Upload your existing training material to the Nabu Pro platform. Let it grade the exams and generate certificates of completion for you!

External Courses

Centralize all your employees’ training information using Nabu Pro. Track off-premise education such as first aid or firefighting courses within the platform. Employees can upload their certificates online for quick approval by their supervisor.

Training Catalogue

Nabu Pro offers expertly made courses that cover the requirements from regulators. Are you tired of updating your aviation material every few years? Have a hard time cutting down costs related to staff training? We have a solution for you.


Nabu Pro is flexible and can adapt to the reality of your operations. You can set expiration rules for each training to be automatically reminded when your employees are approaching an expiration date. Our application will notify employees to ensure they complete required courses, and will send alerts to supervisors about status updates.

Centralize Documentation

Our platform simplifies the exchange of documentation and automatically notifies supervisors upon submission by an employee. Track licenses, medical exams, passports, and more, all within a single application.

Track Staff Records

Nabu Pro makes it incredibly easy to manage employee records, from the hiring process to the archives kept beyond employment. Make onboarding simple and save time by assigning and collecting employment contracts or medical information within the platform. Receive automated alerts before expiration or for pending approval requests from employees.

Always Accessible

As a web-based application, Nabu Pro can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Ensure no employee loses access to critical documentation when needed. Tracking the submission of documents sent out to remote workers is made easy with our online app.

Compliance Reports

Simplify your audit processes with Nabu Pro. Generate complete compliance reports for auditors about employees, trainings, or documents in a few clicks only. All the information required is available in a single location and updated in real-time.

Performance Analysis

Gather information about your employees’ performance during assessments. Identify the elements less understood to drive continuous improvement of your trainings. Reveal which users are late, on time, successful or generally having a hard time.

Supporting Managers

Use reports of completed items to help accounting track training expenses. Create monitoring supervisor accounts for auditors, granting them remote access to all your compliance documentation.

Internal Communication

Use Nabu Pro to send and track internal communications within the enterprise in real-time. Ensure that all employees receive important information and keep records of your users’ read status.

Memo History

Keep archives of all previous communication memos sent out within the platform. Keep your new employees up-to-date by assigning messages that were sent prior to hiring.

Automatic Notifications

Avoid wasting time programming alerts in third-party email managers; Nabu Pro sends emails automatically to ensure no deliverable is forgotten. No longer will you have to read tons of responses via a “reply all” in your mailbox!

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