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Across regulated industries, the number of requirements, qualifications, and hours of training are increasing. Many organizations face a large number of compliance processes across various departments and are held accountable for meeting not only regulatory body regulations, but also internal policies and industry best practices.

Over time, all of these requirements place a heavy burden on the managers and supervisors in charge of compliance processes. As the business grows, so do the requirements. In addition, the stakes become higher due to the size of the company. Managing training and compliance tasks quickly becomes a nightmare.

compliance management software

Since the invention of computers and the Internet, many software programs have tried to solve these problems. In fact, it is more accurate to say that many companies have tried to solve these problems by using a variety of software. Among the most popular are learning management software (LMS), document management software (DMS) and communication software (CMS).

The problem with training and compliance tasks

The problem facing companies in regulated industries is one of centralization. While there are many software programs that address some of their compliance needs, most are not able to address all of their needs. Unfortunately, most learning, documentation, or communication management software is not designed exclusively for compliance needs. Yet, these are the needs that companies in regulated industries need to address.

The lack of centralization of training and compliance tasks is causing huge problems in companies large and small. Failed compliance audits, time wasted on follow-ups, resources wasted on various software, and stress could have been easily avoided.

Nabu Pro’s solution to consolidate training and compliance tasks

Nabu Pro is an online platform specialized in managing training and compliance tasks for companies in regulated industries. Precisely designed to meet the most stringent requirements, Nabu Pro takes away your cumbersome software, Excel sheets, and binders that are gathering dust.

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Nabu Pro Dashboard

Nabu Pro allows you to work with three types of resources:

  • training
  • documents
  • memos

In addition to these resources, you can manage users, supervisors and groups. It is easy to manage the permissions of each user within the platform. No matter the size of your company, you will be able to consolidate all of your training and compliance tasks and eliminate any headaches. Nabu Pro uses an intuitive interface to manage your compliance process from start to finish.

NabuPro compliance and training centralization

The benefits of a unified solution for your training and compliance tasks

With a solution that brings together training, documentation and communication, your company will finally be able to be compliant and keep its head above water. No more last- minute follow-ups, misplaced documents, lack of communication, and racing for signatures. You have access to all your compliance resources in one place.

In fact, managing compliance processes should be a routine, not a nightmare. Once you move to a unified solution like Nabu Pro’s platform, you’ll hardly have to think about it anymore. Compliance management will become a task like any other, without the stress and logistical headaches.

unified solution for compliance

How do you implement a unified solution for your business?

Nabu Pro offers a simple and convenient implementation. With our personalized support, you will be able to access your platform and upload your documents in no time.

To ensure an effective implementation, be sure to gather all the necessary training, documentation, and internal memos to ensure your company’s compliance. As for external requirements from various regulatory bodies, we will be able to help you list, collect, and upload the necessary resources.

Nabu Pro is not just an online platform, it is a team dedicated to your success and ready to make your life easier.