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Are you considering adopting a new compliance and learning management platform? Before you make a decision, read this article carefully, as it could save you a lot of time and trouble. Most software solutions, unfortunately, are neither comprehensive nor easy to use.

However, rather than telling you which platform to choose, we’d rather give you two easy-to-use criteria to make your decision. At Nabu Pro, we are compliance experts and have real-world experience in regulated businesses. So, we know exactly what it takes to succeed in the compliance field.

Here are the two most important criteria for making a good decision about compliance management software: the training time required and the integration process for your company.

Training Time

A compliance management software platform can save you time and simplify your internal processes. However, if the platform requires too much training time, it’s not worth it. After all, what’s the point of saving time to spend more time? Sure, training only must be done once, but what about employee departures?

The solution? A platform like Nabu Pro, which requires almost no training time. Nabu Pro offers tutorials for those who want to master the platform. That’s all there is to it. Even then, these tutorials are optional since the platform itself is intuitive and does not require a learning curve.

employee training management software solution
Simple and intuitive for users

All it takes with Nabu Pro is one hour or less of training for managers, depending on the level of technological fluency.


Before making a decision, ask yourself how much training time will be required for each employee to be able to use the platform.

Your Company’s Integration Process

Every company has unique needs. It’s important that your compliance management platform is tailored to your needs. Too many software solution providers sell platforms without offering any support or customization. You end up compromising or using a platform that is not well suited to your business.

The solution? A platform like Nabu Pro that comes with real expertise and integration support. With Nabu Pro, you’ll get a scan of all your important business information, integration support where a consultant helps you optimize the platform, and ongoing support for any questions and customization requests.

Regulatory compliance management platform Nabu Pro
Service with a Software


Before you make a decision, ask yourself what kind of integration support you will receive. If you can’t talk to anyone during your search, that should tell you that you’ll never have access to a human being, let alone an expert, after you adopt the platform. Be vigilant.

Test the Nabu Pro advantage yourself

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