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The hiring process is complex in all industries, but especially in construction. Construction is an industry that experiences a shortage of skilled labor and, due to economic cycles, contractors are often forced to hire and fire frequently.

Added to this is the physical nature of the work, which requires employees to be healthy and able to perform potentially dangerous tasks. With all these requirements, it’s no wonder that the hiring process can be long and tedious.

Fortunately, there are ways to speed up the process without sacrificing the quality of the staff you hire. With Nabu Pro, a document and communication management platform, you can streamline your hiring process and eliminate many of the inefficiencies.

The Hiring Process Problem

In the construction industry, too many steps and paperwork can make the hiring process inefficient. From the receipt of resumes to the actual hiring, there are often multiple contributors and a lot of paperwork to manage. This can easily lead to errors and delays.

Simplify the hiring process in the construction industry

Even a digital process doesn’t eliminate inefficiencies. In many cases, technology produces the opposite of the desired effect: rather than simplifying the process, it makes it more complex by using too many tools and applications, which add to the burden of daily operations. 

This is where Nabu Pro comes in handy. With a single platform, you can manage every step of the hiring process, from receiving resumes to the interview to the skills test. You can even manage communications with candidates and easily share documents.

Nabu Pro in Your Hiring Process

How does Nabu Pro simplify the hiring process?

Nabu Pro is a centralized platform where you can manage all stages of the hiring process. You can easily store and share all documents, including resumes, cover letters, work certificates, etc.

You can also manage communications with candidates and easily schedule interviews. After hiring a candidate, you can add to their file:

  • The job offer
  • Salary conditions
  • Certificates required for the position

In addition, all of the candidate’s supporting documents can be retrieved quickly and easily, ensuring complete compliance and security on the job site.

Nabu Pro saves you time at every step of the process, making the work of construction contractors much easier. If you’re looking to eliminate inefficiencies in your hiring process, Nabu Pro is the solution for you.

Hiring for construction made easy with NabuPro

With Nabu Pro, you can speed up the process without sacrificing the quality of the staff you hire. Try Nabu Pro for free today!