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Compliance is a big deal. It’s what keeps us from getting into legal trouble. It’s not enough to have policies in place—we need to keep updating and enforcing them. Accordingly, there exist all kinds of solutions to keep track of compliance. But these solutions are often damaging. Why? Because it makes compliance too complex and renders us vulnerable.

One of the best ways to keep your business safe from legal trouble is by eliminating unnecessary software applications for compliance management. The result? Decluttered desktop computers, unstressed leaders and managers, and a more streamlined process! In this article, we’ll cover how you can streamline your compliance management process by eliminating unnecessary software applications.

Step One: Identify Legal Requirements

The first and most important step in eliminating unnecessary software applications is to make an inventory of your legal requirements.

There are several questions you need to ask yourself in this process:

  • Which compliance procedures do you need to follow?
  • What proofs do you need to show during the compliance audit?
  • Who are the people “ticking the boxes” in the process?
  • Where is the information and data stored?

Employee compliance tracking

For example, these are the most common legal requirements:

  • Government regulation within your country or foreign country you operate in.
  • Customer required standards that may be imposed contractually or best practices.
  • New procedures established by your Safety or Security management system.
  • In order to obtain or maintain certifications from recognized organizations within your field of operations.

Once you have taken stock of your legal requirements, you can begin to assess the relevance of your current software applications for compliance management.

Regulatory compliance legal requirements

Step Two: Assess Current Applications for Compliance Management

You probably use several software applications for compliance management. You may even have some more dated processes, such as storing physical documents. Furthermore, you need to evaluate whether these applications and processes are effective.

Ask yourself the following questions about your applications and processes:

  • Does this application/process fulfill more than one use?
  • Was this application/process set up to solve an immediate pain at the time?
  • Could we function without this application/process in the future?
  • Can this application/process do more than it currently does?
compliance management software

To have a sustainable compliance management process, you need to be deliberate and logical about your applications and processes.

Sometimes, we set up applications or processes because we have a dire need to do so at the time. But this often results in bad purchases and overcomplicating our process. Once you’ve asked yourself critical questions, you need to consider alternatives.

Step Three: Consider Nabu Pro as Your All-in-One Application for Compliance Management

Nabu Pro is a compliance management system company operating out of Montreal, Quebec. We offer an all-inclusive platform that allows governance, risk, and compliance management for businesses in highly regulated industries.

In a landscape where compliance management is disorderly and chaotic, Nabu Pro capitalizes on the benefits of centralization and automation. We have built a platform that features a document management software (DMS), a communication management software (CMS), and a learning management software (LMS).

Nabu Pro offers features such as:

  • Centralization of your documents;
  • Automatic alerts and notifications for supervisors and employees;
  • Easily adapts to your regulatory demands for training, documents and communication tracking;
  • Requires almost no time to train your employees;
  • Service with a software, which allows you to get support for all integrated features.
compliance audit management
Nabu Pro Dashboard

Nabu Pro’s goal is to make the compliance audit process a routine, not a problem. To achieve this, the compliance management process must be streamlined to focus on fulfilling legal requirements as smoothly and quickly as possible. That’s what Nabu Pro offers with its simple, web-based platform.