Frequently asked questions*

*and the answers to them, of course

Is NabuPro a RMS software?

Yes, NabuPro is an integrated software with RMS features that enables your organization to achieve your goals for your internal audits, compliance, risk, law, and your finances. NabuPro allows you to synchronize information and activities across the governance. It allows for a quick and efficient exchange of information, reporting activities and avoids unnecessary duplication.

What is the difference between NabuPro and a LMS?

NabuPro is an application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of your training as well as the learning and development of your employees. It allows you to fill training gaps by using analytical data and reports. NabuPro lets you manage all types of content, including videos, courses, and documents.

Can I create my training content?

Yes, NabuPro allows you to put your own training online. Once you’ve created your content, our team will put it online as well as follow-up needs guidelines. Once online we take the time to verify that alerts and follow-up meet your need for quality assurance and compliance depending on your industry.

Can I use online training for another LMS or eLearning software?

Depending on the type of LMS, we can create a link to automate the transfer of information.

What is document management?

Document management is commonly referred to as DMS for Document Management System. NabuPro is a document management system and can be used to receive, track, manage and store documents and reduce the volume of paper in your business. NabuPro keeps a record of the different versions created and modified by different users (following the history).

What kind of reports will I receive when distributing memos and/or internal communication?

The report allows you to see who has read it or not and when the action has been taken. No more searching through your emails or other means.