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The software industry has seen an explosion in growth and innovation over the past few decades. The invention of programming languages, followed by the proliferation of personal computers, allowed for new types of applications to be developed. However, these innovations have created a complex landscape to navigate what makes one company better than another.

To get ahead in today’s competitive marketplace, companies need more than good software solutions — they need great ones. What separates these two levels? It all comes down to how intuitive their use is, how easy it is to integrate different software solutions, and the level of support accessible.

Intuitive Design for Software-As-a-Service

One of the things we care the most about at Nabu Pro is how easily our customers can use our software. We prioritize the development of improvements that answer the needs of our customers rather than investing time and effort on appearances. That’s why we keep it simple.

Nabu Pro, an audit compliance management software, is designed to be intuitive for both users and supervisors. When users log in, they see a simple list of items to complete and a simple color code for every item’s status. When supervisors log in, they can see the entire landscape of regulatory areas at risk of deficiencies in a single dashboard.

audit compliance management software
User Dashboard

Easy Software Integrations for Software-As-a-Service

We all know that we use countless software solutions to fulfill our tasks and duties across departments. Many software solutions, however, don’t offer easy software integrations, if at all. For example, they don’t offer done-for-you integrations, nor can they be integrated through third-party applications.

At Nabu Pro, we believe the client should never have more work to do after they start collaborating with us. That’s why we offer onboarding, ongoing consultation services, and why we develop API integrations on-demand -to make sure everything is connected and ready to go.

software as a service (SaaS) industry software-as-a-service

Accessible and Professional Support for Software-As-a-Service

One of the biggest plagues in the software-as-a-service industry is the level of support accessible to users. Oftentimes, a company develops a product and then expects customers to figure the software out on their own. That’s not how it works—at least, not how it should work.

In many industries, software solutions are used for high-stake activities, such as regulatory compliance. Nothing can be left to chance. If clients have a question, they should receive an answer quickly—and from a qualified expert. The business spirit of Nabu Pro is to proudly offer more than a platform; we go above and beyond to provide a genuine Service-with-a-Software.

nabupro service with a software (SwaS) service-with-a-software

Is Your Business Compliant?

If you’re in a highly regulated industry, the need to stay compliant is critical to your business. Nabu Pro’s goal is to make the compliance audit process a routine, not a problem.

compliance audit management
Supervisor Dashboard

If you’d like to stay compliant without the hassle, book your free Nabu Pro demo here.