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Have you heard of the term “paperless compliance?” We all know that staying compliant with industry regulations involves a lot of paperwork, and that it’s time to go digital. But once we go paperless, how do we actually stay efficient? After all, we can lose as much time managing a compliance manager as we did looking for papers.

Every regulatory compliance process involves a number of steps. Some of these steps may repeat on a regular basis, such as an audit-related checklist or an employee training checklist. Other regulatory compliance tasks are only required sporadically, such as filing security incidents with the proper regulatory bodies.

At Nabu Pro, we love to automate repetitive tasks that generate significant regulatory compliance workflow items. That is exactly what we did with our compliance manager. We have made it easy to automate email notifications and people management.

How to Automate Your Email Notifications with Nabu Pro

One of the features available in Nabu Pro’s compliance manager is its ability to automatically email alerts for all regulatory compliance management documents. This eliminates the need to manually send those regulatory compliance notifications.

Although the compliance manager is a great asset for regulatory compliance, it can also help with other aspects of your regulatory compliance process. For example, you can create a workflow with prerequisites that ensures regulatory compliance for training and documentation. This way, you can automatically forward all requirements to employees or supervisors so they have all deliverables in one place and you can stay organized.

We also recommend using the program’s regulatory compliance reporting feature. The regulatory compliance reports give you all the necessary analytics to keep track of your regulatory compliance workflow and indicate whether or not your regulatory compliance process is on the right path.

This way, any regulatory compliance documentation is automatically routed to its corresponding group for action, enabling a smoother regulatory compliance process. With Nabu Pro, you can automate email notifications for the release or completion of:

  • Memos
  • Documents
  • Training materials

There is already enough email communication in your organization. You don’t need any more of it. By automating email notifications regarding compliance items, you are making sure that you not only keep your organization safe, but you also keep your team sane.

How to Automate Your People Management with Nabu Pro

The regulatory compliance manager does more than just automate email notifications. It also allows you to automate people management, based on tasks or regulatory compliance workflow items.

Let’s say an employee has been trained on all regulatory compliance procedures and will be certified at the end of the regulatory compliance training. The regulatory compliance manager makes it possible to automatically create a workflow task for this employee to complete, once he or she is assigned to his regulatory compliance profile.

The regulatory compliance manager includes specific features that make it easy to manage regulatory compliance process documents. For example, if you have a timeline for every task in the certification process, you can keep track of them with just a few minutes each week.

When you sign up for Nabu Pro’s compliance manager, we walk you through the process of keeping up with industry regulations and we’ll make sure to integrate all your existing infrastructure. We have a dedicated team ready to ensure a smooth transition to Nabu Pro.

The Nabu Pro Advantage

Nabu Pro stands out from other existing compliance managers because it comes with a dedicated team and consulting services. Our team is made of field practitioners, not just software developers. We believe in a Service-with-a-Software philosophy.

Following our beliefs, we put users before profits and we stay open and attentive to our client’s demands. In other words, our service isn’t about the software we provide; it’s about our ability to keep our service up-to-date to continuously support your regulatory compliance needs.