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Employee compliance is a critical issue in regulated organizations. Executives with responsibility for compliance activities must monitor and document the application of organizational processes at all levels to ensure that staff are well informed about the various regulations in order to remain compliant in the event of an audit.

From the moment an employee is hired, a variety of documentation and training is required to ensure full compliance. Documents and training mean emails, files, and follow-ups. In many cases, this management is costly in terms of time and energy, especially when using outdated management solutions. That being said, the burden does not get lighter. Throughout their tenure, employees must remain compliant. Even after termination of employment, regulated companies must retain records and documents related to their employees, sometimes for up to 36 months.

Nabu Pro offers an efficient solution for managing all your employee communications, training, and records. Our all-in-one platform allows you to limit the number of software and communication channels you use, reducing the time spent following up with your employees and the risk of data loss.

This article details how to create documents in Nabu Pro’s platform to collect data from your employees as soon as they are hired. To check training and qualifications, read our article on this subject.

How to create a document in Nabu Pro

As soon as an employee is hired, you need to collect certain documents to ensure the company’s compliance. For example, some companies need to collect the driver’s license and passport of their employees in order to be compliant. Nabu Pro allows you to easily create documents and collect the necessary information about your employees.

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Create a Document

When creating a document, Nabu Pro collects the following information:

  • Document title
  • Start date
  • Document validity period
  • Availability for completion and soon expiring windows

You can also add one or more prerequisites. Prerequisites consist of other documents or courses in your Nabu Pro platform. This way, you automatically assign your employees to other courses and documents without having to manually browse the document list.

Finally, you can also add instructions for users, comments, and attachments in PDF or JPG format. This type of small detail can save a lot of time in the long run!

Centralization of documentation

Since we work with large companies, some of which have a large number of departments, you are able to assign the document to one or more groups. We are always looking to optimize our platform and save our clients time, so we have included a quick selection feature to select and delete visible and invisible items.

For the last step, you are asked to assign the document to one or more employees so that they can be notified and receive automatic follow-ups by email. If you run a very large company, you will appreciate our option to filter your employees by name or department. Ensuring the compliance of your workforce has never been this simple!

How to ensure documents are completed and compliant

At Nabu Pro, we firmly believe that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” a belief that guides us in the design of our platform. Our color-coding clearly shows you the number of employees who have completed the document, the number of employees for whom the document is about to expire, and the number of employees who are overdue.

In addition, by clicking on an employee’s name, you will have access to all the information about their submissions and can also download the attachments added by the employee. Information includes:

  • Date issued
  • The approval
  • Option to download the attachment
  • Notes
  • Change log
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User History

How to keep your documents organized during your employees’ tenure and beyond their termination

The advantage of Nabu Pro is that you don’t have to worry about managing your employees’ data and documents. Your documents are stored on our servers for as long as you use our platform. This way, you can keep your former employees’ documents in compliance with your industry’s regulations. Some regulatory bodies require the preservation of employee files up to 36 months after termination. Although such requirements can pose management problems, Nabu Pro eases compliance processes as far as documents are concerned.