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Workplace regulatory compliance standards are now constantly evolving, becoming increasingly complex and demanding more. In this context, a global approach to risk management systems facilitates their implementation by all concerned actors who need to be trained in the different processes. An effective solution to achieve this mission is to centralize all information in one place. But one problem persists: ensuring that each employee is compliant.

Indeed, to properly manage skills in a large company with a high number of employees, it is necessary to ensure that each employee is compliant. This is important not only from a compliance perspective, but also from a human resources perspective.  With Nabu Pro, verifying that each employee is compliant with industry regulations has never been easier. The full picture of your employee’s compliance is easily and quickly accessible.

employee training management

Nabu Pro offers you the best of all worlds when it comes to workplace regulatory compliance management in Quebec. As a Learning Management System (LMS), Document Management System (DMS) and Communication Management System (CMS), Nabu Pro’s platform gives you a complete and realistic picture of your workplace regulatory compliance. With its unique dashboard and sections, you can learn about specific members of your staff.

Stay on top of your overall employee compliance

Your company’s primary compliance goal is to remain compliant and pass an audit, not to monitor each individual employee. To that end, the user table provides a global picture of your staff. Thanks to a simple color code, you are able to quickly understand the situation with numbers.

The color code gives you the following information:

  • the number of users who have completed their tasks
  • the number of users with tasks that are about to expire
  • the number of users who are overdue.
employee regulatory compliance
List of Users

Investigate compliance for a specific user

One of the realities of human resources management is that it is often 20% of the staff that causes 80% of the non-compliance. So, on your journey to full compliance with Nabu Pro, you will need to investigate certain employees in a targeted manner. Fortunately, Nabu Pro’s platform allows you to do this quickly.

From the user dashboard, you can access specific employee profiles by clicking on their name. This will take you to a page with all the information about the employee in question. You will first see a color-coded table showing the employee’s results, i.e.,

  • the number of items completed
  • the number of items that are about to expire
  • the number of overdue items.

documentation management

You will also see all the items assigned to the user according to the chosen order, i.e., in ascending or descending order according to:

  • the title
  • type
  • eligibility
  • expiration date
  • the date when the item was last completed
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User History

From this page, you are able to get a complete picture of your employee. That is, you can quickly determine the problem. Is the problem in completing training? Or is it in reading memos or filing documents?

By identifying non-compliance issues in this way, you will be able to identify deeper issues that put your business at risk. For example, non-compliance may be due to a lack of time available to the employee.

Put an end to compliance headaches in your company

You’ve had enough of the headaches, complications and anxiety caused by compliance in your business. It’s time to say goodbye to the nonsense of Excel spreadsheets, physical signatures and physical filing cabinets. Switch to Nabu Pro‘s platform today to simplify the management of your compliance processes.