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Monitoring training and qualifications can be a real challenge for organizations in the aerospace industry. Outdated or expired training can turn a successful compliance audit into a failed one, and every organization needs to track the different versions of its training. Unfortunately, most methods for monitoring training and qualifications are old, time-consuming, and can bring fines.

Nabu Pro provides technology solutions that help highly regulated businesses centralize information and automate follow-ups. We integrate the best of learning management software (LMS), documentation management software (DMS), and communication management software (CMS). This article outlines how to use Nabu Pro’s platform to monitor your employees’ training and qualifications in the aerospace industry.

Since its inception, Nabu Pro has simplified compliance management in the aviation industry through digitization, rapid creation, and distribution of regulatory documentation. Some of our clients are: Nolinor Aviation, Aviation CMP, Starlink Aviation, Panorama Aviation, and OG Aviation.

Managing and Monitoring Training

Nabu Pro is an all-in-one, inclusive platform for sharing professional training, documents, and memos internally to ensure regulatory compliance. To make training management easier, Nabu Pro uses a tag system to identify different training features and provides quick access to the information required ahead of a compliance audit.

Employee training management
Nabu Pro Dashboard

Once you are in the “Trainings” section of Nabu Pro’s platform, you see a list of all training documents coupled with various information about each. This is your training library where you have access to all company training and can monitor progress and compliance.

Managing and Monitoring Training
List of Trainings

The “Trainings” list includes the following pieces of information :

  • Title: Name given to the training
  • Type:
    • Internal training : training exclusive to the organization.
    • External trainings : training created by regulatory bodies outside your business (e.g. Red Cross).
  • Eligible: Number of users up to date with the training.
  • Expires soon: Number of users for whom the training is about to expire
  • Expired: Number of users for whom the training is expired.

As you head toward a compliance audit, Nabu Pro’s platform provides all the necessary information to remedy any non-compliance that puts your organization at risk. By clicking on a training, you can open the training details page where you can see exactly which employees are complying and which are not.

Employee compliance management
List of Users

With such monitoring ease, you no longer need to worry about spending time looking for which employees have met compliance regulations. All the information you need is centralized in one place, and the platform has already followed up with non-compliant employees automatically.

Tracking Changes Training and Qualification for Employee Compliance in the Aerospace Industry

As training and qualification requirements are subject to change in the aerospace industry, Nabu Pro makes it easy to track different versions of a training without confusion.

Nabu Pro uses a tag system to identify the training status :

  • Training enabled: the training is accessible to the assigned employees.
  • Training disabled: the training is inaccessible to the assigned employees.
Employee compliance aerospace industry
Trainings Page

Nabu Pro’s primary objective is to make compliance as simple as possible for your business. Our tag system and color code are designed to avoid any possible confusion as you monitor training and qualifications. Your monitoring system should be clear and simple, without any room for ambiguity.

Keeping Your Training Organized

You can keep your training organized by enabling and disabling them as you need. If you need to update a training status, click the training you wish to update and click the “Options” button on the screen’s upper right side. There you can update both the training and exam contents and the training status.

Employee training aerospace industry
Options for a training

From the “Options” menu, you can assign departments and users to the training to make sure all parties involved comply with regulations. You can also edit the training information by adding and removing attachments in PDF format. (Note that if you remove the content from a piece of training, it will be marked with the tag “No content.”)

Automated Compliance Follow-Ups for Users

From the “Options” menu inside each training, you can assign the training to users. By doing so, Nabu Pro will automatically follow up with each individual user. As you assign the training to users, you are asked to add an initial deadline for the platform to inform you when employees are late.

Training management automation
Assigning Users
Compliance management automation
Initial Deadline

Track Changes in Training and Qualifications

In cases where pieces of training undergo changes, you can track all changes made by clicking on “Changes History” in the “Options” menu. From there, you can browse through the changes and filter changes by type :

  • Version tag
  • Created
  • Updated
  • Deleted
Centralize training management
Changes History

If, for whatever reason, you need to show training updates, Nabu Pro has got you covered. With Nabu Pro’s platform, everything is transparent; you have a permanent, reliable source of information for all things compliance.

Make Your Compliance Processes Easier With Nabu Pro’s Platform

Your business was designed to serve clients and provide the best possible services, not for managers and executives to lose time, money, and focus on compliance audits. Unfortunately, most tools used to track training and qualifications on the market are suboptimal and outdated. Nabu Pro will help you get back your time and ensure compliance.