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Nabu Pro is on a mission to reshape the software industry with quality software backed by a team that listens to customers. Nabu Pro was created by users for users because of the lack of viable compliance management solutions. Today, we lead the software industry with four core values: Innovation, simplicity, a high standard, and reciprocity.

What Is a Compliance Management Software?

Nabu Pro’s software is different from most software in the regulatory compliance sector and the software industry in general thanks to its responsiveness and flexibility. Instead of being designed for a single industry, it was designed to answer the needs of multiple sectors, namely, highly regulated industries.

The main problem faced by businesses in highly regulated industries is the countless restrictions, regulations, and audits. To comply, businesses need to collect information, train employees and show proof of assessment. Along with these pieces comes the immense task of amassing a vast number of documents, often scattered across departments, making it hard to keep track of the compliance process.

Most tools used by highly regulated businesses solve just one problem. As a result, managers and executives end up using a suite of tools and platforms that clutter their day and induce stress and anxiety. Nabu Pro’s software brings all these tools and platforms together.

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Innovation in Compliance Software

One of our first core values is innovation. We believe that technology gives us the power to make our lives easier, but it is up to us to find ways to make technology work for us. At Nabu Pro, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our software and our industry.

innovation in compliance software

Without innovation, we stagnate in our old, ineffective ways. For example, when our CEO Reinaldo’s employer was deemed non-compliant during an audit, Reinaldo knew there was a better way to have prepared. He knew technology could be used to make compliance easier. It’s easy to accept the status quo, but it’s a sure way for stagnation.

Simplicity in Compliance Management Tools

As in other industries, the problem with the compliance sector is that it’s plagued with unnecessary complexity. When it comes to compliance, simplicity is key. Instead of using multiple tools and platforms, one centralized platform suffices.

simplicity in compliance management

Our minds are naturally drawn toward complexity because they are complex machines. But we need to fight our human nature and create simple processes that make sense and can be used by anyone. That’s why Nabu Pro’s interface is designed to be intuitive and simple to use.

A High Standard in Regulatory Compliance

Coming from an aerospace background, our team has always understood the necessity of a high standard. Regulatory compliance exists in the first place because people’s lives are at stake in the aerospace industry. While we want to simplify compliance audits, we want to make sure we do so at the highest standard.

Non-conformity, whether or not it’s detected by the regulatory body, is a tremendous risk to civil society. The standard we hold at Nabu Pro reflects the importance of regulatory compliance in our society—it’s vital.

Reciprocity in Compliance Management Software

Nabu Pro’s mission is to support company growth and success with simple, safe, and efficient compliance management solutions. We believe we are here to listen to what the industry has to say and to adapt to its different needs.

reciprocity in compliance management

We believe that by providing as much value as possible through our platform, we can gain the trust of highly regulated businesses and become the most used compliance management platform. Moreover, as a Service-with-a-Software (SwaS), we offer service and customer support when needed. Reciprocity is one of the laws of nature, and we use it to make our industry better.