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Nabu Pro is leading a compliance audit revolution. With software that replaces all other compliance management solutions, Nabu Pro and its team are making compliance easier and more certain than ever before. However, it all started with a compliance audit that didn’t go as expected.

Six years ago, while working for a major aerospace company, Reinaldo Caceres went through an audit from Transport Canada. Although they had done their best to ensure compliance, the audit results were negative. The conclusion was clear: there was a lack of conformity.

Surprised and frustrated, Reinaldo worked to remedy the situation. Throughout that process, he searched for ways to centralize information, documents, and communication memos. However, it soon became clear that no solution existed.

Compliance management
Reinaldo Caceres

The Problem with Compliance Management Solutions

The problem, Reinaldo realized, is that compliance audits include too many pieces and moving parts. Documents are necessary. Training is necessary. Certifications are necessary. Communication memos are necessary. Proof is necessary.

Despite there being so many parts and pieces to compliance management, there was no solution to gather everything together. Most companies stored data on hard drives and folders and collected signatures by hand. This method of data storage and college meant dysfunction at best, a failed audit at worst

Determined to solve the issue, Reinaldo went looking for an expert. That’s when he met Arnaud Songa-Côté, then a graduate student at the University of Montreal. Arnaud’s technical expertise and software engineering experience complimented Reinaldo’s deep understanding of highly regulated industries and compliance protocols.

Compliance software solution
Arnaud Songa-Côté

The Birth of a Revolutionary Compliance Management Software

Together, Reinaldo and Arnaud decided to create a system that would help other businesses avoid the ordeal Reinaldo had gone through. Inspired by the ancient god of words and wisdom Nabû, Arnaud and Reinaldo named their project Nabu Pro.

Employee training management

It took two years before the project came to fruition. Between development and testing, Arnaud and Reinaldo sought ways to make their platform as simple and user-friendly as possible. The two founders were driven by a belief that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Employee documentation management
The beginning of Nabu Pro

Today, Nabu Pro is used by dozens of businesses all over the world and is improving by the day. Our team is dedicated to making the product the most responsive on the market. Customer feedback is the most important variable in how we make decisions about our product.

Compliance management software
Nabu Pro application

Nabu Pro’s Future: Where Compliance Management Solutions Are Headed

Nabu Pro’s mission is not only to be the preferred compliance management platform among businesses around the world, but it’s also to lead a revolution in the software industry. Too many software solutions offer little to no service and customer support. Nabu Pro’s team is here to help and proves it by providing a human experience.

NabuPro service with a software
Nabu Pro Team

In addition to our exemplary customer support, we offer consultation services as well as regulatory assistance services. With these services, customers are kept informed about any development in their industry and use the power of group knowledge to keep safe from potential fines. Nabu Pro is more than a platform; it is a Service-with-a-Software.