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Nabu Pro is a leading compliance management software that replaces document tracking applications and various compliance management solutions. Behind this cutting-edge software is an experienced and talented team of experts that provide clients with the best Service-with-a-Software (SwaS) experience in the industry. This article outlines what makes the Nabu Pro team special and how it impacts our software.

Compliance Manager in Montreal, Québec

Nabu Pro was founded by our CEO, Reinaldo Caceres, in 2017 in the Greater Montreal Area. After a compliance audit by Transport Canada, Reinaldo realized that there weren’t any tools to adequately help executives in highly regulated industries prepare themselves for the inevitable audits. All compliance management solutions were “one-trick ponies” and didn’t offer any flexibility to users.

But instead of settling for the status quo, Reinaldo decided to create the first compliance management software to include a communication management system (CMS), a learning management software (LMS), as well as a document management system (DMS). He set out to build a platform where businesses can upload all their knowledge, training, and documents in one convenient location.

Compliance manager
Reinaldo Caceres

Today, Nabu Pro serves businesses across the world and is available in English, French, and soon in Spanish. With our compliance management solutions, we help keep industries such as aerospace safe and secure.

Executive Team Members

Our cutting-edge compliance management solution wouldn’t be what it is without Arnaud Songa-Côté. Arnaud is our CTO and technical lead. With his extensive engineering background and technical prowess, he keeps our product at the edge of technology and our clients happy.

Compliance management software
Arnaud Songa-Côté

Samuel Gagnon, our business analyst and digital marketing manager, is here to create a bridge between Nabu Pro’s customers and developers. As a Service-with-a-Software business, we provide exceptional customer service and make sure feedback is incorporated in any new developments.

Compliance audit management Nabu Pro
Samuel Gagnon

Compliance Audit Services and the Value of Expertise

The experience Nabu Pro brings to the market helps businesses in a variety of ways. Companies using Nabu Pro reach their KPIs more easily, create more value for their customers, and maximize their time. They no longer let compliance audits get in the way of their ability to deliver.

Nabu Pro’s goal is to make compliance audits as simple as possible by creating a seamless compliance management process. We remove the stress that comes with compliance follow-ups, data integrity, and cyber security. Our software allows managers and executives to look at the big picture and easily find their weakest links.

Nabu Pro Platform

Nabu Pro offers a suite of automation processes that save time, money, and bandwidth. It centralizes all information, documents, and communications to reduce compliance-related confusion. Moreover, Nabu Pro offers consultation services to help businesses improve their compliance processes.

Nabu Pro: The Team That Makes All the Difference

What makes Nabu Pro different is the energy and passion we bring to the world of regulatory compliance. Nabu Pro was born in the mind of field practitioners because of a real gap in the industry. We’ve been through the struggle of compliance audits, and we want to alleviate the pain that comes with them.

Nabu Pro isn’t just a software, it’s a team of real people eager to help businesses reach their full potential. We’re on a mission to redefine the software industry and ensure quality customer service for businesses. It’s time to end the era of cold, unsupported software.

Nabu Pro service with a software
Nabu Pro Team

At Nabu Pro, we define ourselves through our team, not our software. Software features change, but our values don’t. Our software is the product of the expertise and experience that our team brings to regulatory compliance. Nabu Pro offers more than a platform; we provide Service-with-a-Software.