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In many economic sectors, it is common to find a large number of training courses for employees. From standard training courses, such as first aid and workplace health & safety, to specialized technical training, the list of training courses available can quickly grow.

However, training means management. And management, as we know, costs time and money. Especially since some trainings are required for compliance audits, a company cannot afford shortcomings in this area. That’s why the Nabu Pro compliance platform can host training courses, offered in a convenient, all-in-one package!

Hosting your training courses: at the service of managers!

The number one advantage of the Nabu Pro platform is the simplicity and fluidity of the process. Managers can easily upload their content and take charge of employees, whether they are new hires or senior workers.

It’s simple, just take the slides, videos and other resources needed to train your employees and upload them to the training section of Nabu Pro. With the permission options, you can also allow other administrators to contribute.

Once you’ve uploaded the necessary resources and are ready to distribute your materials, simply share your training with the relevant teams to grant your employees access to them. This way, staff can view and complete their training via a cell phone, tablet, or computer.

Need to ensure that your employees complete their training within certain timeframes for compliance purposes? No problem. Nabu Pro allows you to set automatic reminders and track your employees’ progress yourself. So, no surprises mean no regulatory issues.

Like a social network

To be effective, your training system should work as easily as a social network. That is, managers, supervisors, and employees should have access to internal tracking and communication features that are simple and intuitive. In the world of regulatory compliance, good communication is key. It’s the deciding factor that allows you to resolve any issue in a timely manner.

To that end, the Nabu Pro platform offers the best of both worlds; it has an intuitive interface as well as tracking and messaging capabilities for your team members. Without the usual running around, your colleagues can simply log in to the application to follow the training and progress of the team members. In addition, all notifications are sent via email to ensure that no communication is lost.

Nabu Pro’s corporate training management platform

Nabu Pro’s corporate training platform not only gives peace of mind to administrators, but also autonomy to employees. The platform lends itself perfectly to telecommuting as well as industries that require a lot of travel and transportation.

Security and accessibility

The benefits of the Nabu Pro platform don’t stop at the practicalities of training and communication. It’s also about mobile access to certificates, training history, passwords, and management records in the secure Nabu Pro cloud. This means you can say goodbye to dusty hard drives and security breaches. Nabu Pro works with your cybersecurity management policies and procedures to better manage the risk associated with the use of information technology.

In fact, all your important data is accessible via the Nabu Pro platform. You save on data storage for your devices without having to worry about security breaches that could compromise your business. Our advanced data encryption technology keeps you safe at all times.

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Test the Nabu Pro advantage yourself

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