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When you operate a highly regulated business, compliance can quickly become a nightmare. Different departments. Different roles. Different compliance requirements. How do you keep track of everything and make sure everyone meets their requirements ahead of your next compliance audit?

Nabu Pro is an all-in-one regulatory compliance tool that helps you share documents, memos, and training in one location only. By doing so, Nabu Pro helps you simplify your compliance audit preparation and saves you time and money!

Regulatory compliance management software

Two of our most powerful features are Automation and Groups. While Automation helps you take your hands off the wheel, Groups help you organize and compound the effect of your automation. When using Nabu Pro, take these three steps to automate and group your materials so that your regulatory compliance process can keep operating with minimal effort on your part!

1. Group Your Employees and Staff

Before you do anything else, think through the different departments and positions inside your company and how they may need to share certain documents, memos, and training materials. There are different ways to group employees and staff:

  • Department
  • Position
  • Project
  • Equipment
  • Location
  • Task
  • Qualification
Employee compliance management

Remember that group members will be sharing content. For example, if you create a group for everyone involved in a specific project, they will be assigned to all training and memos. That said, you can set special parameters and assign certain contents to certain members.

Groups are great for combining different training materials that lead to a credential. For example, if employees need to follow 5 different pieces of training to use a certain piece of equipment, then you can create a group for this equipment. 

2. Add and Automate Documents, Memos, and Training Materials

Once your groups are in place, you can add and automate the content that will be distributed to these groups. Nabu Pro allows you to easily upload all your documents, training materials, and memos to its cloud platform with different parameters.

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When uploading a document or training, Nabu Pro asks you to input an initial deadline and a validity period. These two settings will trigger automated reminders, sent directly to your users’ emails. This way, you don’t need to chase your employees; Nabu Pro does it for you!

When you add training materials to Nabu Pro, you will also be asked to add:

  • Prerequisites
  • Minimum score required
  • Instructions
  • Comments

Once you have added and configured your materials, you can always come back, modify them, and adjust the parameters. For example, you can change the initial deadline or the validity period. You can also change the training’s content.

The next step is to associate your document, training, or memo with a group. Select all groups that apply to link these groups to the material. You can also grant access to individual users.

Employee training management

3. Add Users and Populate Your Groups

By now, your groups are in place as are your documents, memos, and training materials. If you don’t already have all your users already in Nabu Pro, now is the time to add them. In the Users section, Nabu Pro allows you to add individual users.

To add users, Nabu Pro asks you :

  • License type: Communication or Control
  • Name and email
  • Employee number
  • Start/Hire Date
  • End/Leave Date
Automate employee compliance management

Nabu Pro will also ask you to add your user to any group he or she belongs to. You can then grant the user access to individual training and memos with ease by filtering resources based on his assigned groups. Finally, Nabu Pro asks you to set an initial deadline before which the user should have completed all items. 

You can always add new users to groups later in the Users section. Simply click the user and, in the page options, click “Assign Groups.” If you need to modify your group, head to the Groups section.

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Ready to Simplify Your Regulatory Compliance?

After following these three steps, you have officially simplified your regulatory compliance and made it easier for your company to pass compliance audits. Ready to see how Nabu Pro will make your life easier?

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