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If you are looking for a simple way to manage and share your training material with employees, Nabu Pro is the perfect learning management system. Our easy-to-use platform makes it easy to upload and distribute training content, track employee progress, and generate reports. 

Most training management systems are complex and difficult to use. To facilitate compliance at a company-wide level, you need every training in the same location and the ability to add, edit, and remove modules easily

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Nabu Pro provides compliance supervisors with the autonomy they need to simplify training management. Our platform is easy to navigate and provides all the features you need to manage your training content effectively. For example, you can:

  • Easily upload your training material to our platform
  • Share training content
  • Automate renewals

Nabu Pro also tracks employee progress automatically and generates reports you can review at any time. After all, your primary objective is to ensure employees are completing the training and retaining the information. 

Internal and External Training

Not only can Nabu Pro help you manage your internal training content, but it’s also an effective tool for managing external training. If your company relies on third-party training, Nabu Pro can help gather, centralize, and keep track of employee progress and ensure they meet their objectives.

internal training management with NabuPro

Nabu Pro manages two main types of training:

  1. Internal training, including exams, created by you and your company to train your employees and in-house operations
  2. External training, created by third parties or regulating bodies to ensure your employees comply with the law, or company training taken outside the platform

Nabu Pro allows you to upload your training material in the format that best suits you and your business. Whether you have PowerPoint slides, PDFs, video files, or external links, Nabu Pro allows you to effectively deliver the training to your employees.

Our platform possesses robust capabilities when it comes to hosting your content. We can easily host 4K videos, so you never have to worry about reducing the quality of your content to fit our training management tool.

Video training Nabu Pro

As an added benefit, our team monitors any link to external websites you configure for your internal training theory. This way, if anything changes, you will be the first to know, and you will never wake up to a bad surprise.

Cloud-Based Training Management

Because it is cloud-based, Nabu Pro allows you to access your training content from anywhere, at any time. Also, because cloud-based platforms are constantly updated, you can be confident that you’re always using the most up-to-date version of the software.

cloud-based training management nabupro

Our cloud-based technology is especially handy if you work remotely or travel often. The cloud-based interface is easily accessible through any web browser with a desktop computer or a mobile phone; it is also incredibly simple to use. The training module consists of a list of all pieces of training available. 

Once inside a training, you will see the following sections:

  • General, which provides all the information regarding the training, including the validity period, the number of slides, the number of questions, and the minimum score required
  • Reference material, which provides access to any file necessary for the training completion
  • Prerequisites, which indicate if users must have completed another training before this one
  • Slides, which show all training slides side by side
  • Slide media, which shows all the hyperlinks and media added to the course slides 
  • Questions, which lists the questions presented to test your employees’ knowledge and ensure full compliance with the applicable law, and are easily editable
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In addition to these useful sections, the training module gives you a list of users assigned to the training. With an easy-to-understand dashboard, you can rapidly find out how many employees completed the training, how many are about to expire, and how many are overdue.

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Ready to Let Nabu Pro Make Your Life Easier?

If you have been frustrated with your training management, Nabu Pro is likely the solution you have been looking for. Leave outdated learning management systems behind and centralize all your assets in one place with Nabu Pro.

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