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Imagine you’ve just received a compliance report saying you failed. Between you and me, it’s not the end of the world, mistakes do happen… but what if you don’t know where the gaps are? A compliance failure should only happen once. So, you need a system that allows you to find out what’s wrong in time for the audit.

Nabu Pro, which is a comprehensive compliance management and training platform, puts you back in control of your compliance process by giving you real-time insights into your compliance levels. With our platform, you can say goodbye to compliance hassles and failed compliance audits.

Real-time Control: Certainty at All Times

How can you stay ahead of your compliance assessments? First, you need to know what is happening within your organization in real-time. That is, your supervisors need to know exactly which employees are not meeting their compliance criteria. They also need to have a broad picture of the company’s compliance status in a simple chart.

In other words, the questions your managers need to answer are :

  • Who has the necessary qualifications?
  • Which employees are behind?
  • Which employees need help?
  • What is the total performance of employees?
  • What items are not completed?
  • How is the system performing?
regulatory compliance management software solution Nabu Pro
Nabu Pro provides an overview of your compliance

It’s easy to act when you have the right information at your fingertips. Risk reduction starts with information and organization; the right data organized in the right way reveals the right solutions and avoids many mistakes that can be made.

Insights: A Clear Picture Ahead of the Audit

In a brave new world, on the day of the compliance audit, everything is ready, clear, and in one place. All you have to do is show proof of compliance and you’re good to go! Nabu Pro offers this brave new world through its simple, centralized interface that allows regulated businesses to simplify their compliance management process. Among other things, Nabu Pro customers appreciate :

  • The centralized system that keeps everything in one place,
  • The minimal number of clicks required to access information,
  • And easy classification of corporate groups and information.
Real-time Control audit compliance management online tool

Nabu Pro allows the segmentation of any company into groups, departments and divisions to facilitate the management of compliance items. For example, any document, certificate, or training required to pass a compliance audit is visible and accessible to all parties involved. So, no searching, no running, and no confusion.

Test the Nabu Pro advantage yourself

Want to test the Nabu Pro platform to see how it can increase your control and visibility? Contact us for a free trial of our platform to see for yourself how much it will simplify your life.