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Hiring qualified workers can be a challenge. But once hired, it is imperative to train our employees to give them all the tools they need to succeed. After all, their success is our success. That’s why it’s important to invest in learning processes.

Nabu Pro is a platform that makes training your construction employees easier than traditional methods and other popular solutions. With Nabu Pro, you can share with your employees all the resources they need to succeed in their jobs and in your company.

The Reality of Construction Training

In construction, workers are not always aware of all the procedures. Much depends on your company, your project, your job site and your employee’s position. So mistakes can happen — and worse, accidents can occur.

Training management for the construction industry

Nabu Pro makes it easy to share these procedures with your employees and gives them the tools to succeed in their jobs. What’s more, Nabu Pro is fully customizable to your company and your specific needs.

Nabu Pro allows employees to become familiar with the tools and procedures before they even start their first day on the job. This gives them a head start and helps them succeed in their daily tasks.

Nabu Pro is a great way to keep track of employees and make sure they are progressing in their knowledge. You can easily identify which employees need more help and which are progressing well.

The Different Types of Training

There are different types of construction training. Nabu Pro allows you to follow all of them and adapt the platform to your company.

  1. Theoretical training: This is the basis of all good training. It provides employees with the basic knowledge they need for their jobs.

    With Nabu Pro, you can have your employees take the theoretical training at home before they go to the job site.

    training management software

  2. Practical training: This is essential for employees who have to use tools and machines. It allows them to become familiar with the different tools and machines and how to use them safely.

    Nabu Pro allows your employees to complete not only theoretical online training but also to accompany external training with certificate uploads and automated tracking.

What is Nabu Pro?

Nabu Pro is a platform that not only allows you to train your employees in construction more easily than with traditional methods, but also to communicate simply and effectively.

In addition to its learning platform, Nabu Pro includes a suite of features, including a document management module and an internal communications management module.

Document and internal communications management platform Nabu Pro

Nabu Pro is an all-in-one software package that enables construction companies to improve efficiency and save time. With Nabu Pro, you can manage all your training in one place. No more wasted time, no more headaches, and no more avoidable mistakes.

As a construction project manager, it’s essential to centralize information and tasks in order to gain efficiency and not forget anything. 

centralized management for construction

Too many companies in 2022 rely on outdated methods and, as a result, operate in a sub-optimal manner. Today, several online solutions allow for the centralization of data and processes.

Nabu Pro is a software tool that helps you manage your construction project by centralizing all necessary information. Whether it’s training, documents, or memos, Nabu Pro can take care of your construction project from A to Z.

In addition, in the event of an accident, Nabu Pro can be used to track events and determine what happened. This allows measures to be taken to prevent it from happening again in the future.

In this article, we’ll look at how to use Nabu Pro to manage a construction project.

Project-specific Documentation and Training

Every construction project must be documented, as it is a highly technical and regulated process. In addition, teams must be trained on the specifics of the project before they begin.

Nabu Pro allows you to centralize all the documents and training required for the project to run smoothly. For example, you can upload :

  • updates
  • memos
  • maps
  • instructions
  • and more !

You can add notes, comments, and even photos to illustrate your documents.  Plus, all documents are accessible with a single click through your Nabu Pro portal.

Video Training

Nabu Pro allows you to add videos to your training courses, perfect for training or reviewing before entering the job site. The videos are accessible via streaming and can be viewed at any time. Your trainings are organized by folder, allowing you to group your projects by job site. 

video training management software for construction

Managing training for your construction employees can be daunting, especially if you use traditional methods. With Nabu Pro, you can easily organize and share these trainings. 

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