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Compliance audit software is a solution that helps you to track and measure your compliance with the law. It provides a digital system for recording, monitoring, and reporting on all areas of risk within your organization – from employee health and safety to corporate governance. They can work for businesses or organizations of any size and can prove cost-effective, which makes them viable for organizations with tight budgets.

There are many different types of compliance audit software available, and choosing the best one may prove a challenge for you and your organization. After all, there are many variables to consider, and nobody likes a compliance audit. It’s a part of our job, but that’s because it’s necessary, not because we like it! We’ve compiled a list of the five best compliance audit software we found in 2022 for you.

5. MasterControl

MasterControl is a cloud-based compliance audit management software. It offers a variety of features such as collaboration, messaging system, and workflow management. It features an intuitive dashboard split between training, documents, and tasks. It is supported in multiple languages and offers extensive printing options.

The downside of MasterControl is that it isn’t available as a web app. It is only available as a desktop app for Mac or Windows. This limited accessibility means it can’t be used on the go, nor can it be used on an iOS or Android device.

compliance audit software MasterControl alternative

4. VComply

VComply is another compliance audit software that helps ensure compliance with regulations. It specializes in helping organizations in industries such as banking, credit, non-profit, government, higher education, and quick-serving restaurants. It offers native features for ISO and environmental compliance as well as risk alerts.

VComply allows users to track and measure performance based on a compliance library that includes popular regulatory requirements. Although it is available on Android and offers more integrations than MasterControl, it is not available on iOS. As a more affordable option, VComply does not offer phone support, live support, training, or support tickets.

how to choose a compliance audit management software VComply alternatives

3. ADAudit Plus

ADAudit Plus offers a wide array of features for small-to-medium businesses and larger enterprises. With its real-time monitoring, version control, and user activity monitoring, it provides robust audit management capabilities. Its scheduling and audit trail are particularly useful to automate audit readiness and ensure compliance with regulations.

However, ADAudit Plus’s dashboard and overall user experience isn’t extremely intuitive. Despite a large number of features and more user support options than VComply, it can prove harder to understand than most audit compliance software and comes with a longer learning curve.

compliance audit solution alternative ADAudit Plus

2. LexComply

LexComply is an integrated and comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance software (GRC). Only available as a web app, it offers control testing, version control, and audit trail features for startups, small-to-medium businesses, agencies, and larger corporations. Simple and user-friendly, LexComply proves easy to use.

That said, LexComply is only available in English and has no dedicated tabs for different regulatory requirements such as documents, trainings, and memos. Although it can help in managing audit processes, it does not offer the segmentation that creates peace of mind.

managing audit processes LexComply alternative

1. Nabu Pro

Nabu Pro is a full compliance audit management software that goes above and beyond expectations in regulatory compliance. It offers not only robust audit management capabilities, automated reminders, and notifications, but also features a learning management software (LMS), a document management software (DMS) and a communication software management (CMS) all-in-one.

best compliance audit management software NabuPro

Nabu Pro’s greatest benefit is its centralization and automation processes. Nabu Pro eliminates the need for any other platform or process in the compliance audit and reporting process. It helps with audit readiness by providing ease and simplicity. Available as a web app accessible on all devices, Nabu Pro is the only compliance audit platform that takes away all the stress and pressure from the audit compliance process.