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peace of mind.

Nabu Pro provides you with a simplified platform for corporate compliance management.

Maintain global visibility of your employees’ eligibility at all times to ensure that regulatory requirements are kept under control.

compliance management solution online

Compliance in the blink of an eye

Imagine all the information you need to manage the compliance of the skills in your company centralized in one place, automated for all follow-ups, and available at all times. That is Nabu Pro!

As such, you’ll find a dashboard and several reports giving you an accurate picture in real-time, allowing you to be in control at all times. You’ll be able to prepare for audits, respond and quickly provide information on the compliance of a group, a project, an employee, and much more.

The Nabu Pro tool helps you increase visibility
and control on the following characteristics :

gestion des documents

Documentation management: centralization and follow-ups

historique des changements

Log: Manage reports, registers, and other forms in one place.

gestion de la formation

Training: distribution and tracking platform

gestion des communications

Communications and memos: distribution and follow-ups

Your compliance reports ready at all times

Nabu Pro lets you generate customized, ready-to-use reports. Track your teams’ progress in real-time and get all the data you need instantly.

Eliminate Excel spreadsheets. Find only the information that’s relevant to your business.

employee compliance report and management
compliance processes automation and management

Automate your compliance management

Imagine all your follow-up tasks automated and your compliance processes simplified. Nabu Pro is also that!

Nabu Pro sends automated follow-ups for deadlines or expiration dates for your documents, training, and memos. The platform notifies employees when a new item is assigned to them, and takes care of sending reminders afterwards.

Discover the Nabu Pro advantage

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