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For highly regulated businesses, a single memo can change everything. Whether it’s an internal process change, a policy change, or adjustments, memos can make the difference between the success and failure of a compliance audit.

Given their importance, it is imperative to ensure that all relevant parties read memos in a timely manner. Unfortunately, many companies use outdated forms of communication and document sharing channels that pose major compliance risks for the company.

Nabu Pro offers an all-in-one solution for managing your communications within your organization. One of the most beneficial features of the platform is the automation of memo tracking, ensuring staff compliance at all times.

This article details how to use this feature in order to save time and reduce the stress that comes with managing memo follow-ups.

From the Nabu Pro dashboard, you can access the Memos section.

Internal communications management
Navigating to the memos section

To avoid confusion, Nabu Pro separates memos into two categories:

  • Active
  • In effect

Create a memo to distribute in Nabu Pro

Nabu Pro allows you to create a memo within its platform, centralizing your communications and simplifying life for all users involved.

Automated communication tracking
Create a Memo

Nabu Pro’s memo creation system includes all the fields needed for quick and easy management:

  • Title
  • Memo number
  • Takes effect on
  • Urgent status
  • Content
  • Attachments
  • Validation questions

Tracking and accounting for your memos in Nabu Pro

Nabu Pro allows you to view your active memos so that all your data is clear and easy to access. You can view your active and in effect memos in ascending or descending order:

  • by memo number,
  • by memo title,
  • by status (read by all),
  • or by date of entry into force.

With these viewing options, you can easily identify memos that make your company non-compliant and remedy the situation quickly. In addition to the information relevant to the memo, you’ll be able to see the status of each affected user and mark users as “unread.”

This way, you can keep track of how many users have read and signed the memo. You can also quickly take note of non-compliant users to quickly remedy the situation before a compliance audit.

Evidence (synchronized and centralized)

One of the biggest benefits of the Nabu Pro platform with respect to memos is the synchronization and centralization of evidence. Unlike conventional methods using paper and hand signatures, Nabu Pro keeps all memos and signatures in one place. You’ll never have to suffer anxiety before a compliance audit again, and you’ll barely have to lift a finger to gather the relevant information.

Compliance management
List of Active Memos

The Nabu Pro platform was designed to reduce the time spent managing compliance processes. Regulated companies, while responsible for complying with various regulations, should not spend more time than necessary managing compliance processes. Nabu Pro is the ideal partner to optimize your business.