Your partner for compliant worksites.

Nabu Pro can ensure regulatory compliance at every construction site.

Manage Regulatory Requirements

The Nabu Pro application allows team leaders to fully centralize the management of compliance requirements for the construction industry.

Nabu Pro is customizable and adapts to the reality of your business operations. Use our unique software solution to track compliance in your worksites and for your various projects.

Construction Compliance Management
Construction training management

Support for Recruitment

The Nabu Pro platform can help you from the moment you hire your new employees.

Let the software manage the sending and collection of documents required for your human resources department, such as resumes, employment contracts, check specimens, and more.

Your Employees Compliant from Day 1

Ensure your workforce is ready and compliant to enter the construction site before the first day.

Use the Nabu Pro application to assign employees to the courses and certifications required to meet job-site standards. See your staff’s compliance status in real-time to confirm that employees are qualified to meet worksite standards and perform their duties.

Construction Employee Management

Discover the Nabu Pro Advantage

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Everything in One Place

Our platform simplifies the centralization of all the resources needed to manage your projects.

Nabu Pro allows the management of your company’s internal training, external courses, documentation, and internal communications.

Centralized construction management
Management of construction certificates

Your Management Automated

Let the software send notifications to employees for new items to complete or upcoming deadlines.

Create your groups according to your skill profiles and quickly assign your new employees to all the training to be taken, documents to be completed and memos to be read.

Simple, Easy, and Intuitive

Our simple and intuitive layout ensures that your team can complete their requirements with ease.

No training time is required for users, and your managers will be ready to use the platform in less than 20 minutes. Achieve peace of mind quickly!

Management software for construction