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Imagine you send a memo to a group of targeted managers via email and need their response as soon as possible. Once the memo is sent, you get back to work. Hours go by and you keep an eye on your email inbox. To your surprise, no one responds.

Three hours after sending the memo, you receive an email saying, “well received, thanks!” Yet, no comment, no action taken as requested in the memo. The worst part? You don’t even know who opened your email. Time is running out and the situation gets more and more urgent. You send a follow-up to the managers concerned, after which you must turn to the phone.

How much time do you think you wasted in this situation? The answer, of course, varies based on the size of your company. That said, we agree that this type of situation should be avoided at all costs, as it jeopardizes the efficiency of the organization. The Nabu Pro platform not only allows you to manage your internal communications with ease, but also to follow up with your colleagues.

Simplify Life with Targeted Sending

With its easy targeting system, Nabu Pro, which is a complete communication, compliance, and training management platform, allows you to target a group of users and send them communications, such as memos. Your mailings can include:

  • PDF documents,
  • Images,
  • Hyperlinks / videos,
  • And other file types (coming soon).
complete communication, compliance, and training management software

Although our platform is separate from your email inbox, our system allows you to receive all important alerts via email, so you never miss a thing. In addition, our platform allows you to track in real-time the reading of your communications. Notably, Nabu Pro shows you :

  • The read rate of your memo,
  • The specific individuals who did not read your memo,
  • And much more!

It’s also possible for a supervisor to read a memo to an employee in person and update the status of the employee in question.

The Benefits of the Nabu Pro Platform

Nabu Pro is a communication, compliance, and training management platform optimized specifically for regulated companies. We are committed to making our platform easy and simple to use so that our clients can manage more information, saving as much time as possible and avoiding errors.

benefits of the nabupro platform internal communications management

If you are considering using the Nabu Pro platform to improve your compliance and training management, you’ll be happy to know clients particularly appreciate the following features :

  • Classification of companies in accounts: Depending on the type of company you manage, there is a good chance that we have already programmed templates for your groups and your different departments, which allows you to save time at activation.
  • Centralization of processes: No need to worry about the number of platforms and tools to use. You can add everything to the Nabu Pro platform. So, you don’t need any other software, you can integrate and centralize all your processes, and you can keep your company’s collective memory in one secure place.

Test the Nabu Pro Advantage Yourself

Want to bring your internal communications up to date? Contact us for a free trial of our platform to see for yourself how much it will simplify your life.