Learning Management System

Simplify the management of your employees’ qualifications with Nabu Pro.

nabupro learning management system

Why choose Nabu Pro to manage your team’s competencies?

online training management

Online training : Create or import your training courses into the platform and let the system manage your team’s learning.

external courses tracking

Integration of external courses : Add certificates for external training courses and track renewals.

centralized training management

Centralization : Keep all information on your employees’ qualifications in one place, accessible anywhere, anytime.

automated training management

Automation : Save time with automated distribution of training courses to be completed, and let the platform send reminders to employees.

manage employee learning and training

Manage your employees’ training

The Nabu Pro application enables supervisors to fully centralize the management of staff training, whether delivered by a third party or taken in-house. Our platform can track your workforce’s compliance for all requirements from a single dashboard.

Integrate your content

Create or import your own training courses into the platform. Upload slides, create questions and add media to enrich the user experience. Track employee progress and performance in real time.

You’ve probably already created courses and exams to test your employees’ knowledge of the company manual or procedures. No need to start all over again; just upload your existing training material to the Nabu Pro application. Let it mark the exams and generate certificates of completion for you!

Track courses given externally

Track off-site training, such as first aid or health and safety courses, within the platform. Employees can upload their certificates online for quick approval by their supervisor.

Discover the Nabu Pro advantage

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centralized compliance management

Your compliance centralized

Centralize all your employee training information with Nabu Pro. Our platform is flexible and can adapt to the reality of your operations.

Nabu Pro gives you a real-time overview of your level of compliance with legal requirements, and generates compliance reports automatically.

Your management automated

Notify your employees of training due dates and deadlines without lifting a finger. Stay on top of employee compliance with follow-up emails sent to supervisors when training has been completed or the expiry date is approaching.

You can define rules for each training course to be automatically notified when your employees are approaching an expiry date for their eligibility. Our application will notify employees to ensure they complete required courses, and send alerts to supervisors on status updates.

online cloud web service

Your content in the cloud

Thanks to cloud computing technology, Nabu Pro lets you access your training content from anywhere, at any time.

This is particularly useful if you and your team work remotely, or travel frequently. The platform is easily accessible via any web browser with a desktop computer or cell phone; it’s also incredibly simple to use!