Stay compliant.

Keep up-to-date with applicable laws, policies, and regulations so that you can protect your assets and avoid violations, legal penalties, and fines with Nabu Pro

Centralization of Documents

Nabu Pro brings together all your documents, trainings and internal communications for simple and easy management.

Skills and Qualifications Management

Inform your employees about trainings to be completed. Stay on top of your employees' compliance with follow-up emails.

Regulatory Intelligence

Nabu Pro analyzes the legal requirements you provide to give you a real-time overview of your level of compliance and generates your compliance reports automatically.

Automation of Follow-ups

An all-in-one solution that automates memo follow-ups to manage communications within your business.

Report Builder

Report generator helps monitor and demonstrate employee compliance.

Training Authoring

Create your own trainings. Upload slides, create questions, and add media to enrich the learning experience of users. Manage and track employee's completion and performance.

Import External Courses

Track and manage off-premises trainings within the platform. Assign users and receive alerts for submission requests. Upload certificates of completion to the cloud.

Multilingual Platform

Stop requiring compromises from your employees; Each user can select their preferred language for the application.
Available in English, French, and Spanish