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Running a company can be difficult, especially when it comes to communication. There are so many different ways to communicate with employees, clients, and other businesses, that it can be hard to track them all. With Nabu Pro, you can at least streamline your internal communication to lose less time and avoid communication problems with employees. Our memos and documents modules help you do just that!

Nabu Pro is an all-in-one compliance platform that helps businesses streamline their internal communication. With Nabu Pro, you can share your internal documents with your leadership team and employees. Nabu Pro also allows you to track who has read your memos and who has submitted their documents, so you can follow up with them if necessary.

Centralize Documents for Each Employee

With Nabu Pro, you can centralize all your documents in one place. This makes it easy for each employee to find the documents they need. Nabu Pro also allows you to share these documents with other employees. You can track who has submitted documents or read your memos in real-time. Nabu Pro sends automatic reminders to employees. This way, you don’t need to chase employees; Nabu Pro does it for you!

Document management platform NabuPro

With all employees’ files in one location, you never have to worry about missing a piece of information, which can cause major headaches. The document collection starts from the moment you hire a new employee, and it only ends months or years after the employee’s departure, as many companies are required to keep records post-employment.

Moreover, Nabu Pro allows you to filter documents by type. For example, if you need to see your employees’ expense reports, you can simply head over to the “expense reports” document and see each of them. You no longer need to spend hours scrolling through files and documents to find basic information about your team!

centralization of documents

In many companies, outdated methods are being used to keep track of employees’ documents. It is bad practice to keep different files for different aspects of an employee’s position. It is also bad practice to keep these documents in physical copies or hard drives. With its cloud-based technology, Nabu Pro allows you to save storage space on your computers and avoid potential data losses.

Send, Edit, and Amend Memos for Your Team

In Nabu Pro, sending memos is quick and easy. Once you have created a memo, you can send it to your team with just a few clicks. You can send it to select members of your team with ease by targeting user groups. It’s a great way to make sure the people concerned receive the information needed. With Nabu Pro, your memos won’t get lost in a sea of unopened emails.

Memo management solution Nabu Pro

Nabu Pro also allows you to edit and amend memos seamlessly. If you need to make any changes to your memo, you can require employees to read the memo again, and they will receive a notification automatically. Once again, our automated system will keep track of those who have viewed the updated memo and those who haven’t.

There are 2 categories of memos in Nabu Pro :

  • Active memos, which are memos not yet effective or not read by all.
  • Effective memos, which are memos in effect and read by all.
Internal communications management software

With this structure, you can easily locate your memos, past and present, and gather any information you need from them. Each memo contains two sections:

  • General, which includes information such as title, number, author, date, attachments, and content.
  • Questions, where you see questions asked to users to validate their comprehension of the message.
Streamline your communications with Nabu Pro

Ready to Streamline Your Communications With Nabu Pro?

Have you had enough of sending memos and documents, only to find out they were not read or completed? It’s time to switch to software that truly streamlines your communications and keeps everything in one location, so you can never be caught off guard. 

Compliance management software NabuPro

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