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Compliance is one of the most important aspects of any business. After all, it keeps everyone out of legal trouble. However, compliance can also be time-consuming and tedious to manage for those who are constantly on the go. 

This blog article discusses what makes a compliance manager user-friendly, and how we designed Nabu Pro to be the most intuitive compliance manager. After all, simplifying your organization’s compliance process saves time, helps hit key performance indicators, and provides peace of mind. If your compliance manager isn’t user-friendly, then it misses the point entirely.

Easy Integration to Your Current Infrastructure

A compliance management software that has advanced document management capabilities can become your organization’s compliance hub. This compliance hub should seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure to save you time, effort, and money.

Moreover, if the compliance manager also serves as your document management software, compliance templates should be able to be created for anything from employee onboarding to risk assessments. With Nabu Pro, you can copy compliance requirements with a click of a button and instantly create compliance documents from those requirements.

Mobile Accessibility

Another helpful feature of Nabu Pro is the ability to access compliance requirements and documents on smartphones. At all times, both supervisors and employees can review compliance requirements, not only when they’re in front of their computer screens.

For example, if you need to conduct compliance training on the go, you can use Nabu Pro’s mobile-friendly site on your mobile browsers to access the necessary information. This affords compliance managers flexibility because they aren’t confined to a specific location to get compliance work done.

Employee compliance management solution

In many industries, managers and compliance teams move around to conduct audit assessments from different sites and locations. It is imperative to have information readily available, as well as easily accessible from mobile devices on a mobile-responsive web app.

Intuitive Design and Navigation

A compliance management software that is easy to navigate ensures compliance managers get their work done in the shortest amount of time possible. It should be intuitive and account for the way people think.

Nabu Pro is designed for leaders and managers who need to have regulatory requirements at their fingertips and get their compliance tasks done in a timely manner. Each compliance category is visually mapped out for everyone to navigate their way through compliance requirements with ease, and save time when creating compliance documents.

For example, if supervisors look to implement compliance training for their organization, they can create an internal training from their manager area and then use the compliance dashboard that tracks the training’s compliance status for easy follow-ups.

Automated Reminders and Notifications

We, humans, tend to forget things. For a process as extensive as a compliance audit, we often need constant reminders about which tasks must be completed. A good compliance management software app helps with that. It’s not enough to have a clear and simple dashboard; you also need to be reminded to use it.

Nabu Pro features automated reminders and notifications for all regulatory requirements. This ensures compliance managers and employees don’t miss completing compliance tasks on time, like sending compliance documents or reviewing training results with the organization.

Nabu Pro’s compliance manager also has compliance reporting capabilities, meaning supervisors can track compliance metrics and document submissions. This allows management staff to make informed decisions on their compliance strategy.

For example, compliance managers can use the reporting feature in Nabu Pro to see which of their employees haven’t taken compliance training and then send them a reminder to complete it.

Clear Documentation and Tutorials

As with anything, using a compliance management software app comes with a learning curve. What’s more, everyone in an organization has a different level of ease with technology. So, it’s important that you have clear documentation and tutorials to accompany your software.

As such, Nabu Pro’s compliance manager provides clear documentation and tutorials for management staff. Nabu Pro comes with:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • User Guide
  • Supervisor Guide
  • Tutorials
  • Release Notes
NabuPro compliance management software

If you prefer, it is also possible to have a virtual presentation of the application and its features with one of our team members. Better yet, we can visit you at your location and provide in-person demonstrations and staff training.

Why Switch to Nabu Pro

Nabu Pro is by far the best option on the market when it comes to regulatory compliance. Nabu Pro:

  • Is affordable
  • Has automated reminders and notifications
  • Has clear documentation and tutorials
  • Tracks compliance documents’ status
  • Has compliance reporting capabilities

Nabu Pro is the only compliance manager that provides all these helpful features, boosting supervisors’ efficiency in preparing for compliance audits and making it the easiest to use, one-stop software on the market.

Nabu Pro offers a free demo, so you can see for yourself how this compliance software is user-friendly and saves time.