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Aviation and Aeronautics

Nabu Pro is simplifying aviation compliance management with digitization, rapid authoring, and distribution of regulatory documentation. This brings significant savings in time and administrative costs, while improving flight safety.

Aviation and aeronautics


Beyond the contractual agreements, the construction firms need to consider insurance, building codes, and bonding requirements, credit and background checks, prevailing wage and union payroll requirements, lien requirements, a plethora of safety regulations, and much more.


Hospitals & Health Systems

The Nabu Pro platform ensures healthcare organizations adhere to set hospital compliance guidelines and revise compliance practices based on changing regulations. Nabu Pro helps health organizations of all sizes avoid incurred compliance violation fines, train all employees to ensure compliance is maintained, and decrease the costs and resources dedicated to maintaining that compliance.

Hospitals & Health Systems


Regulations for pharma companies have implications and active requirements; therefore, it’s vital that they partner with a company that understands compliance requirements.


Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas organizations are trapped in a series of local, national and worldwide regulations. It can be perplexing to identify the compulsory requirements and start implementing them. A simple reporting error, lack of proper compliance can result in a ban from selling the products/product recall, significant fines and penalties and customer or supplier loss.

Nabu Pro provides a complete set of oil and gas software solutions for managing the unique needs of the oil and gas industry.

oil and gas


Tourism companies have several trainings and documents to provide to employees upon hiring. The Nabu Pro platform makes it easy to assign your new employees to their compliance profile, in order to automate the processes and reduce the time required for the onboarding of your staff.